Criminal Law Appeals

If you’ve received a guilty verdict, you may wish to overturn the conviction or reduce the length or severity of your sentence. The legal process for this is a criminal law appeal.

Appeals are a specialist area of criminal law. Strict time limits apply for appeals in Queensland. If you wish to appeal a criminal conviction or sentence, seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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Our partners, Julia Jasper and Rebecca Fogerty, both have proven track records with criminal law appeal matters in Queensland District and Supreme Courts and the High Court of Australia. We have appeared in criminal law appeals against convictions and sentences across a range of charges, including murder, rape, indecent treatment of a child, fraud, trafficking in dangerous drugs, importation offences and violent crimes.

Appeals often involve legal concepts and consideration about how laws should be interpreted. If you engage us for your criminal law appeal, we’ll expertly advise you on your prospects of success and remain closely involved in all aspects of the appeal process. We work only with leading barristers and other experts. We'll provide you with easily digestible information to empower you every step of the way.

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