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Our people possess brilliant minds when we hire them, and they grow into even smarter, fiercer and more passionate lawyers over the course of their time working with us. We build our staff to be leading Queensland criminal defence lawyers.

The result is a team of intelligent, dedicated and humble legal staff who genuinely care about doing right by their clients.

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Here at Jasper Fogerty, we believe in reaching far beyond expectations. As leading Queensland criminal defence lawyers, it is the least we can do.

We always go the extra mile for our clients because we believe in what do.

Our emphasis is on achieving results with integrity—always with confident professionalism and fearless advocacy for our clients.

Julia Jasper

Accredited criminal law specialist + partner

Leading Queensland criminal defence lawyer

Julia Jasper combines dual qualifications as a criminal lawyer and chartered accountant.

She is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in criminal law, and she sits on the Society’s Specialist Accreditation (Criminal Law) Committee in 2016, 2018 and 2020.

She features in the 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 Doyles Guide to Leading Lawyers.

Early in her career, Julia held management and accounting roles in global banking and finance companies in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Her commercial experience, together with more than a decade spent as a specialist criminal defence advocate, amounts to a lawyer with an unparalleled skillset.

Julia’s highly sought-after forensic skills led her to become Senior Financial Investigator for the Western Australian Police Force and the Crime and Corruption Commission in Queensland.

She then worked as a senior associate for one of Queensland’s most respected criminal defence firms.

With unrivalled and specialist experience, she is frequently asked to act in proceeds of criminal matters, as well as white-collar crime, fraud, official corruption, regulatory prosecutions and workplace investigations.

Her familiarity with criminal legislation also enables her to consult with businesses on issues such as risk management, investigations and legislative compliance.

Notwithstanding her love of numbers and commercial confidence, Julia’s passion is criminal defence.

“I enjoy working with my clients to achieve the best possible outcome. I give value to my clients by combining my legal knowledge with compassionate and determined advocacy.”

Julia has extensive experience in all areas of criminal law, including traffic violations and work licence applications, drugs offences, violent offences and taxation, and Centrelink and Medicare investigations and charges.

She appears in all courts throughout Queensland and is available 24/7 to assist her clients.

Rebecca Fogerty

Accredited criminal law specialist + partner

Leading Queensland criminal defence lawyer

Rebecca Fogerty is a highly regarded advocate who provides advice and representation for all criminal cases across Queensland.

She is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in criminal law.

She was named in the 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 Doyles Guides to Leading Lawyers, both for Queensland and Australia-wide. She is e President of the Queensland Law Society for 2024. She also sits on the Executive and Finance and Risk Management committees of the Queensland Law Society. She is a past Chair and Deputy Chair of the society's Criminal Law Committee.

Prior to establishing Jasper Fogerty Lawyers, Rebecca was a senior lawyer at one of Queensland’s largest private criminal defence firms. During this period, Rebecca developed her reputation for thorough preparation, strategic case analysis and persuasive courtroom advocacy.

She handled complex indictable matters, including murder, drug trafficking and white-collar crime. She is especially highly regarded for her expertise in sex offence cases, appeals and bail applications.

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from the University of Queensland.

Her psychology background and excellent people skills enable her to successfully navigate clients through the criminal justice process.

Part of Rebecca’s success is due to her client-centred approach and unwavering commitment to achieving the best possible outcome.

“Defending criminal charges is a stressful experience for most people. I help by explaining complex legal issues in an easily digestible way and guiding my clients through each step of the process. I enjoy courtroom advocacy, which means that I am involved in my clients’ matters from beginning to end.”

Rebecca appears in all courts throughout Queensland and has proven experience in fraud and white-collar crime, employment-related misconduct, drug trafficking, CCC hearings, assaults, and rape and domestic violence.

Outside of the courtroom, Rebecca has written articles for many publications, including the Courier Mail and the Caxton Lawyers Handbook (online edition), and on topics including domestic violence and sexual offences.

She has appeared many times before Queensland Parliamentary committees to discuss criminal law policy and regularly speaks on topics of interest to the profession.

Dr Brooke Thompson

Senior Associate

Leading Queensland criminal defence lawyer.

Dr Brooke Thompson brings to Jasper Fogerty Lawyers a breadth of experience across the private sector, academia and legal policy. Her exposure to these different areas of law gives her a formidable suite of skills essential to strong and strategic representation.

Brooke commenced her career in banking and finance at a top tier global law firm. Her six years in this space honed her negotiation and analytical skills, and gives her a unique insight into the commercial and corporate context of white collar and regulatory crime. And if working at the highest level in commercial law wasn’t enough of a challenge, in 2021 Brook was awarded her PhD in law at the University of Queensland. She has been published across multiple formats, including the prestigious University of NSW Law Journal, and maintains a role in the university sector as an External Research Fellow.

Brooke’s interest in criminal law developed from her time spent as a Senior Policy Solicitor at the Queensland Law Society, where she saw first-hand the importance of proactive and diligent legal representation to the overall outcome of a case. “Criminal defence lawyers have a critical role in the criminal justice system…to act with strength and skill and do whatever is necessary to advance and protect their clients within the bounds of the law”.

Brooke’s highly advanced analytical skills have led to her becoming the go-to person in our office for cases involving complex legal argument or abstract principles of law. She currently has a keen interest in cases involving “similar fact” evidence in sexual cases, and the legal rules governing admissibility of evidence generally.

Outside of the courtroom, Brooke has a passion for legal pluralist approaches and comparative law and is a former Vice President of the Queensland Chapter of Pride in Law, an apolitical association focusing on diversity within the law.

Publications: Thompson, B. Family Provision and Islamic Wills: Preserving the Testator’s Wishes through Testamentary Arbitration? (2023) University of NSW Law Journal, Vol 46(1)

Navigating Dual Legal Systems: Islamic Inheritance Law in Australia’s Secular Legal Framework (PhD Thesis), University of Queensland Law Journal, 2022

Do Islamic Succession Laws for Muslim Women Violate the Current Human Rights Framework? Developing an Ethical Working Model for Muslim Minority Nations, Muslim World Journal of Human Rights, 2016.

Liz Winning


Leading Queensland criminal defence lawyer

Following 12 months as an Associate to not one but two Judges of the District Court of Queensland, Liz commenced her career as a criminal lawyer at Jasper Fogerty Lawyers. Liz was admitted as a legal practitioner in March 2023. Her passion for criminal law emerged following her exposure to criminal trials in the District and Children’s Courts.

Prior to entering the world of law, Liz competed as a dancer on state, national and international platforms. This background ensures that Liz knows better than most the importance of hard work and that “proper preparation prevents poor performance”. Her ability to be calm under pressure gives her a clear competitive advantage in the courtroom, and she never loses focus on providing excellent client outcomes.

“In my dancing and legal careers I have worked alongside people of diverse cultural, social and economic backgrounds. In my dealings with clients, I foster empathy and respect, and hopefully make the criminal justice process less intimidating for those caught up in it”.

With her background in performance, Liz is a natural courtroom advocate. She enjoys being able to go above and beyond in a case. Her highly organised and effective approach is born of her strong belief that everyone is entitled to a fair go, and her desire to help her clients during a difficult time.

Liz works across a wide range of criminal law matters including domestic violence, commonwealth offences, drugs and sexual offences and traffic and regulatory crime.

Kara Thomson

Solicitor Advocate

Leading Queensland lawyer

Kara Thomson joined Jasper Fogerty Lawyers in 2024. A leading Personal Injuries and Insurance lawyer, she has previously appeared in the Australian Financial Review Best Lawyers List for 2020 and 2021 (insurance) and in the Doyles' Guide to Leading Queensland Lawyers in 2019 to 2022 (personal injuries).

Kara has an extraordinary background of service to the legal profession, and wider community. She served with distinction as the 2022 President of the Queensland Law Society, and currently holds appointments to the Queensland Prostitution Licencing Authority Board and the Panel of Public Assessors in QCAT (medical). In 2023 she received the Women Lawyers' Association of Queensland Women Lawyer of the Year award.

Kara's decision to make the move into criminal defence reflects her passion for courtroom advocacy. "Throughout my career I have consistently fought for those seeking a fair go in the justice system. I understand how distressing and stressful court proceedings can be. My background in civil law gives me a powerful and unique set of lenses in the criminal law space".

Kara is widely known in legal circles for her unflappable, positive approach to her work, and strong sense of justice and ethics. She has a well-developed capacity for focused, evidence-led litigation strategies and a solid foundation of technical skills.

Kara works across a wide range of criminal law matters, with a special expertise in matters where causation may be in issue, such as driving and violence offences, and industrial manslaughter. She has a down to earth and compassionate demeanour and strives to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients.

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