Dishonesty offences are acts committed with dishonest or fraudulent intent.

Jasper Fogerty Lawyers provide specialist legal advice and advocacy for all dishonesty offences, including:

  • stealing
  • stealing as a servant
  • fraud
  • receiving tainted property
  • forgery and uttering
  • social security and Centrelink fraud
  • making a false declaration.

Dishonesty offences are treated seriously under Queensland law, in some cases resulting in a maximum penalty of 15 years of imprisonment.

Many factors influence how serious a dishonesty offence is, including:

  • the amount of money involved and whether it has been repaid
  • the degree and sophistication and the extent of any cover-up
  • the length of time
  • whether or not there has been a breach of trust e.g. in an employer-employee relationship
  • the reason for the offending and whether the offence was committed for 'need' or 'greed'.

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