Failing to stop FAQs

You are required stop as soon as reasonably practicable after being directed to do so by a police officer. Failing to stop is an offence.

To be convicted, the direction to stop must be given by a police officer in a police motor vehicle.

What are the penalties?

The minimum fine is $5,500 and a mandatory driver licence disqualification of 24 months.

The maximum penalty is a fine of $22,000 or imprisonment for three years.

Does the Magistrate have any other sentencing options besides a large fine?

Yes. A Magistrate can impose a probation order, community service order or a prison sentence, including a suspended sentence or immediate parole.

Is there any way I can keep my licence?

Usually, if a Magistrate orders an absolute discharge, the minimum two-year disqualification doesn’t automatically apply. These discharges are rare.

There is no mandatory licence disqualification for the charge of contravening a police direction (not following a formal and lawful police request). The charge of a contravene direction has a maximum penalty of $4,400.

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