Traffic law

How does this work?

We understand appearing in court for a traffic matter can be an intimidating experience.

We also recognise losing your driver licence may cause serious financial, social and personal hardship.

Julia Jasper and Rebecca Fogerty personally undertake their own courtroom advocacy for traffic matters.

We’ll meet with you and explain the range of available options, including whether you are eligible for a work licence.

We’ll appear for you at the hearing of your matter and use our advanced advocacy skills to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Our experience is your advantage

Some of our previous traffic case achievements include:

  • successfully negotiating with the prosecution to discontinue unlicensed driving charges
  • obtaining a work licence for first-time drink driving offences
  • successfully applying for 24/7 special hardship orders
  • achieving the mandatory minimum disqualification period for repeat drink driving clients
  • avoiding a sentence of actual custody for clients with serious traffic histories, including multiple convictions for unlicensed driving, disqualified driving and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle
  • successfully negotiating with the prosecution to have careless driving offences downgraded to infringement notice offences
  • achieving a verdict of ‘not guilty’ for speeding infringement matters.

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