You’re experts in your field. We’re experts in ours.

Together, we can reach the best outcomes for our clients.

We have fought passionately, energetically and with dedication to be where we are—rapidly rising in legal circles and highly ranked by Doyles Guide.

We’re not afraid to think differently. For every client, we take the time to explore every angle and reach the best possible outcome.


We have had extensive experience appearing in all Queensland courts, from low-level cases to high-profile matters.


We appear in the Court of Appeal for criminal cases when the conviction and/or sentence is appealed.

Coroner’s Court

We appear in the Coroner’s Court for investigations of deceased persons, including their identity and the place, date and medical cause of death.

High Court of Australia

We appear in the High Court of Australia for cases of federal significance and for some appeals.

Magistrates Court

We appear in the Magistrates Court for summary and regulatory offences and some indictable offences.

District Court

We appear in the District Court for indictable offences punishable by up to 20 years of imprisonment.

Supreme Court

We appear in the Supreme Court for indictable offences punishable by more than 20 years of imprisonment.

We get you.

What you do is deeply important—and we won’t
pretend we could do it better than you.

But sometimes your clients will cross over into our territory, and we’re highly qualified at what we do. You can trust us with your clients. We’re professional, experienced and diligent, and we genuinely care about doing right by your client.


Approaching our matters collaboratively is important to us, because we know our clients need the right experts in the room at all times.

When we work with barristers, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards in executing and researching our briefs, so your partnership experience can be as smooth as possible and our client can receive the best service.

We explore every angle to reach the best outcome for our clients, so you know you’re relying on sound and thorough legal advice.


The intricacies of legal matters are very delicate and each step is vital for your client.

Accountants have often told us they can be unsure when is the right time to get a lawyer involved.

In our experience, when it comes to white-collar and financial crime, sooner is often better.

Julia Jasper is double qualified as an accredited criminal law specialist and a chartered accountant, so our white-collar crime clients are in highly experienced, well-informed hands.

If you’re ever in doubt, give us a call—so we can reassure you, or spring into action.


If you have a potential client that doesn’t fit your expertise, or if you don’t have capacity to take on their matter, you can be sure they’re in safe hands with us.

And you can rely on us to do the same for you when we’re in that position.

General counsel

While you have an enormous depth of knowledge in your business, our knowledge spans the width of criminal law.

We appreciate both the complexity and sensitivity of these criminal matters—and the inclination to keep them inhouse—but we are a team you can trust.

Our highly refined skills, particularly in white-collar crime, allow us to explore every angle of every matter to reach the best possible outcomes. In partnership, we can do right by your business and staff, every step of the way.

Is it time to refer?

Even if you’re not sure whether it’s time, it doesn’t hurt to reach out anyway.
No matter how busy it gets, we always have time for your clients.