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Driven by a strong commitment to doing right by our clients, we’re leading criminal defence lawyers with an outstanding track record, a thorough and strategic approach to exploring our cases, and an impressive resume of experience in and outside the courtroom.

What we stand for

  • Exceptional service and representation for all clients
  • Excellent legal advice and understanding
  • Practicing with integrity
  • Transparency around our costs and process
  • Disrupting the flow to produce results in better ways
  • Collaborative and collegial work
  • Supporting and caring for our clients and staff
  • Fighting for justice
  • Progressive values and forward thinking

Why we’re different

You’re our priority

Criminal matters can be a stressful time, but we’re here for you every step of the way—right from your first call.

We’ll pick up the phone any hour of the day, any day of the week, because we know that first call is often crucial.

We’re always focused on reaching the best outcome for you, regardless of what it looks like on paper.

Consider us your guide because, ultimately, you're the decision maker. So, we’ll always empower you to make the best decision for you.

We’re courageous advocates

We appear in all courts across Queensland and we always personally represent our clients in the Magistrates Court.

You can rely on us to skillfully advocate for you no matter what—no judgement.

We really believe in what we do. Empowering our clients to have a voice and feel confident in their legal representation is what drives us every day.

Your case will be supported by the right experts

We’re successful because we rely on and contribute to our legal community.

We’re well known across Brisbane, Queensland and Australia for our expertise, resulting in a strong network of connections on local, national and international scales.

Where appropriate, these connections become partnerships that allow us to provide the very best advocacy for our clients.

Our qualifications go beyond criminal law

Our greatest asset will always be our experience and expertise. And ours is unparalleled: Rebecca Fogerty and Julia Jasper are both Queensland Law Society accredited specialists in criminal law.

They’re acknowledged as leading criminal defence lawyers by Doyles Guide and they both sit on the Society’s Specialist Accreditation (Criminal Law) Committee.

Julia is double qualified, with a long history as a chartered accountant—which means our approach to white-collar crime is guided by a deep understanding of forensic accounting.

Rebecca’s background in psychology helps her connect with her clients and navigate them through the stressful judicial process. Her client-centred approach is a significant factor in our success.

We think differently

We think outside the box by leveraging our innovative intelligence and progressive ideas to explore every angle and reach the best outcome for our clients.

Our different way of thinking gives you the power of choice.

A collection of brilliant minds

The results we achieve and standard of service we provide are all thanks to the brilliant minds behind each matter.

Our leading criminal defence lawyers are sharp, knowledgeable, clear communicators who always have their clients’ best interests at heart.

They’re passionate about the role they play in fearlessly advocating for and empowering their clients.

Always hungry to learn more and do better, they take every case as seriously as their very first and they represent each matter with the calm, confident control you’d expect from seasoned professionals.

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