Arrest of a Family Member: Information For Families and Friends

The arrest of a family member is often a stressful experience, especially if it was unexpected.  It can be difficult to obtain information about the arrested person, including if or when they will be released by the police.  This article explains common police procedures where a person is arrested and taken into custody.

Careless Driving

There is presently a proposal before the Queensland Parliament to increase the penalties for the offence of careless driving of a motor vehicle where a person has suffered death or serious injury (grievous bodily harm).

There is an old legal adage that hard cases make bad law. This, sadly, is such a case.

National Domestic Violence Scheme

The National Domestic Violence Scheme came into effect on 25 November 2017, creating national recognition for Domestic Violence Orders regardless of where in Australia the Order was originally made.

Previously, people who applied for Domestic Violence Orders in one state had to make an application for it to be recognised in the other Australian states and territories.

Criminal Accredited Specialists

Accredited Specialists are lawyers who have successfully completed an advanced, peer-reviewed assessment program specific to their area of expertise, demonstrating their high level of knowledge and skills in that area. Only lawyers, not law practices, can be Accredited Specialists.