New Client Information Registration

1. Personal details

2. Contact Details

We prefer to communicate via email where possible. Please let us know if this is not suitable to you. Please note that our correspondence may be confidential or contain sensitive information.

3. Communication with third parties

We are bound by strict rules of confidentiality. We will not discuss your matter with any third party without your permissions.

Please let us know below if you wish for us to communicate with a third party, such as a family member.

4. Employment

If yes, please provide this to us during our appointment

5. Special Circumstances

6. Conflicts

7. Financial arrangements

Payment of legal fees

We cannot accept any payments from you or anyone which are the proceeds from any criminal activity.

We act for people on a Legal Aid basis in certain circumstances.

If someone else will be paying your legal fees, please let us know during our appointment.

8. Financial arrangements

I understand that Jasper Fogerty Lawyers have not yet engaged to represent me and that the engagement process will be explained to me.