White Collar Crime

Jasper Fogerty Lawyers provide specialist legal advice and advocacy in all aspects of white collar crime. New legislative and compliance regimes, together with enhanced powers for investigative bodies, has led to increased white-collar crime prosecutions statewide and nationally. Our unique skill set means that we are at the forefront of this increasingly complex area of law.

Our expertise includes:

In appropriate cases, we will work with external specialists such as accountants, auditors and computer forensic analysts to achieve excellent results that might not otherwise be possible.

Julia Jasper is the only criminal lawyer in Queensland who holds dual qualifications as a criminal defence specialist and Chartered Accountant. She has more than 12 years' experience working as an accountant in the corporate world and as a Senior Financial Investigator for the Western Australian Police Force and the Crime and Corruption Commission in Queensland.  Julia's unique skills and experience give her an unrivalled advantage in all criminal matters involving a financial or corporate aspect and in proceeds of crime proceedings. We also appreciate how new and emerging technologies are changing the face of how corporate crime is investigated.

Previous white-collar crime matters we have been involved include:

  • Acting on behalf of one of the masterminds of Australia’s biggest tax fraud arising from Operation Wickenby;
  • Successful appeal against sentence in respect of an offshore tax avoidance scheme to the value of $4.95 million dollars;
  • A verdict of "not guilty" for a senior public servant charged with corporate credit card misuse;
  • Charges of stealing as a servant and fraud where the alleged amounts are in the millions of dollars;
  • Cases involving large scale allegations of defrauding the Commonwealth, including defrauding the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medicare;
  • Local council corruption investigations and prosecutions, including charges of receiving secret commissions and official corruption;
  • Sentence proceedings for Corporations Act breaches – where charges were downgraded following extensive negotiations with the prosecution;
  • Attending compulsory ASIC interviews with clients; and
  • Resolving large proceeds of crime matters.