Disqualified Driving And Unlicensed Driving

It is a traffic offence in Queensland to drive a motor vehicle without a driver licence.

There are various offences that cover the different circumstances in which a person may be unlicensed.  Unlicensed driving includes driving with an old or expired licence, loss of licence due to demerit points or unpaid SPER debts, or where a licence has never been obtained in the first place.

Disqualified driving is the most serious form of unlicensed driving.  It refers to when a person knowingly drives after their licence has bee disqualified by a court order.  The offence is treated seriously because it is seen as deliberately disobeying a court order.  It carries a mandatory minimum driver license disqualification of 2 years' imprisonment.

The penalties for unlicensed driving vary depending on the reason for the driving, the person's prior traffic record, whether or not the person was aware that they were unlicensed and so on.  Often, mandatory periods of driver license disqualification apply.