Cumulative Licence Disqualification

Cumulative disqualifications apply to certain offences committed in Queensland on or after 18 May 2008.

A cumulative disqualification means that if you are convicted of certain traffic offences the disqualification periods imposed by the court are served one after the other.

The law was brought in as a road safety measure. It was also intended to be an extra deterrent against committing dangerous traffic offences.

Because of cumulative disqualifications it is very important that you do not drive if your licence has been suspended or disqualified. Since the change in the law more and more people are ending up with disqualification periods of more than 2 years.

You might think it is hard to not be able to drive for a few months, think how hard it would be to not be able to drive for a few years!

What offences does it apply to?

Cumulative disqualifications apply to the following driving offences -

  • Drink driving
  • Drug driving
  • Supervising a learner driver while your blood alcohol level is over 0.05
  • Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle while adversely affected by alcohol or drugs
  • Driving while immediately suspended (following a mid or high range drink driving charge)
  • Driving while disqualified by a court order
  • Driving outside the conditions of a work licence

Any disqualification periods will be cumulative if you are charged with two or more of the above offences.

They will also apply if you are convicted of any of the above offences while your licence is already disqualified or suspended.

How does it work?

Cumulative disqualifications are automatic. The Magistrate does not have to order that the disqualification periods imposed are cumulative.

If you are charged with 2 or more of the above offences at the same time separate disqualification periods will be ordered for each offence. The disqualification periods will be cumulative, that is they will run one after the other.

If you are charged with one of the above offences while your licence is already suspended or disqualified, the new disqualification period ordered by the court will not start until after the end of your current disqualification period.

For more information, see Queensland Transport’s Cumulative Disqualification Fact Sheet