Steroids and other illicit performance enhancing drugs

Since 2014 in Queensland, prohibited steroid drugs are classified as Schedule 1 Dangerous Drugs under the Drugs Misuse Act.  This means that illegal steroid drugs are treated in the same way as other types of Schedule 1 Dangerous Drugs such as heroin, methylamphetamine, MDMA and cocaine.

People are often surprised to hear that steroid drugs offences have the same penalties as for more “traditional” dangerous drugs.  It is not uncommon for penalties of imprisonment, including with actual custody, to be imposed for Schedule 1 drug offences, particularly if there is an allegation of commerciality.

There are some unique challenges associated with representing a person charged with a steroid offence.  Unlike drugs such as methylamphetamine or cannabis, it is very difficult to obtain objective medical evidence that a person has ceased using steroids (such evidence may be very important on a plea of guilty).  In addition, steroid drugs are not “addictive” in the traditional medical sense, although there is increasing scientific recognition of “steroid use disorder”[1].

For these reasons, obtaining early and specialist legal advice may make a significant difference to your legal outcome.

Julia Jasper and Rebecca Fogerty are Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law and feature in the Doyle’s Guide of Leading Lawyers.  Julia and Rebecca have appeared in countless drugs trials and sentences in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts of Queensland.  We have unrivalled experience representing clients charged with possessing, supplying or trafficking in steroid and non-steroid illegal drugs.

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your case to identify the best strategy for you.  Where appropriate, we will work with experts such as doctors or barristers to make sure you have access to the best advice and clear options.

Some of the outstanding results we have achieved for clients on a steroid drugs charge include:

  • Successful negotiations with the prosecution to downgrade the charge from supply to attempted possession. This enabled our client to finalise the matter quickly and cost effectively in the Magistrates Court.  Our client was extremely pleased with the outcome of a fine and no conviction recorded;
  • Thoughtful legal strategy which led to no charges at all being laid against our client following a police investigation;
  • Achieving “no conviction recorded” for clients charged with possessing and supplying steroids; and
  • Avoiding a sentence of actual custody for a client who pleaded guilty to commercial involvement with illegal steroids.

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