Common assault

The lowest level of assault offence is called common assault. The maximum penalty for this offence is three years imprisonment and it must be finalised in the Magistrates Court.

An assault is defined as any application of force to another person either directly or indirectly. This means that it is assault if you push someone, punch them, slap them or hit them with anything, whether it is a feather pillow or an iron bar. If the person who is assaulted doesn’t suffer any injury the charge is generally common assault.

Common assault charges are common in Queensland Magistrates Courts. They can cover a very wide range of behaviours and the penalties that are imposed also vary widely. The latest sentencing statistics show that more than 1,700 people are year are convicted of common assault in Queensland courts. The statistics also show that approximately 60% of those people are sentenced to either a good behaviour bond or a fine.

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