Assaults and violent offences

Jasper Fogerty Lawyers have extensive experience dealing with the full range of assault and violence charges.  As Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law, Julia Jasper and Rebecca Fogerty are uniquely placed to provide you with strong and proactive representation and advocacy.

We provide legal representation at all stages of your matter, including the initial police investigation, bail application (if any), preliminary court appearances and the final hearing. We also provide advice for people who haven’t been charged yet but are worried they might be.

We have appeared in countless assault trials and sentences in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts of Queensland.  Where possible, we will explore alternative dispute resolution options such as justice mediation, which, if successful, may save you both time and cost.

Both Julia and Rebecca have proven trial and advocacy experience for assault charges.  Our expertise includes:

We conduct a thorough analysis for each individual case to identify the best strategic angles. The kinds of successful outcomes we achieve for clients have included:

  • "not guilty" verdicts in jury and magistrate trials
  • successfully resolved charges of common assault and AOBH with alternative dispute resolution
  • negotiated the withdrawal/discontinuation of the full range of assault charges due to insufficient evidence or other reasons;
  • securing downgrade to lesser charges for clients initially charged with serious crimes such as GBH or obstructing a police officer
  • achieving no conviction recorded
  • getting non-custodial sentences such as wholly suspended sentences, probation, community service, fines and good behaviour bonds.


Why choose Jasper Fogerty Lawyers?

  • Leading Queensland lawyers. We offer superior, strategic and confident representation for assault and violence charges.  We are QLS Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law and have over 20 years of combined experience in the criminal justice system.
  • Experienced and proven. We are experienced and highly respected advocates who appear in all Queensland Courts. We personally undertake almost all sentence advocacy on behalf of clients charged with assault matters in the Magistrates Court.
  • Thorough and strategic. We analyse every case on its individual merits, and will explore every angle to achieve the best outcome for you.
  • Accessible and responsive. We are personally reachable by our clients, with a commitment to swift and timely responses.
  • Holistic and personalised. Where appropriate, we work with highly regarded barristers, medical and health professionals and other experts to ensure that all aspects of your case are dealt with.
  • Competitive rates. Our experience and commitment to justice allows us to provide superior representation at affordable rates.

For further information, advice, or an honest case assessment call us now on (07) 3190 9242 or just email us for a prompt response.