Criminal Law

Criminal offences in Queensland are contained in a number of different pieces of legislation including –

  • The Criminal Code
  • Drugs Misuse Act
  • Bail Act
  • Police Powers and Responsibilities Act
  • Summary Offences Act
  • Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act
  • Peace and Good Behaviour Act

In addition to criminal offences there are also a large number of regulatory offences. These offences are contained within a large number of Queensland acts such as –

  • Transport Operation (Road Use Management) Act
  • Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act
  • Building Services Act

There are also Commonwealth criminal offences that are contained within the Commonwealth Criminal Code.

Queensland has three courts that hear and determine criminal and regulatory offences. They are –

  • Magistrates Court – summary and regulatory offences and some indictable offences
  • District Court – indictable offences punishable by up to 20 year imprisonment
  • Supreme Court – indictable offences punishable by more than 20 years