Julia Jasper

Julia Jasper combines dual qualifications as a criminal lawyer and chartered accountant. She is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law, and sits on the Society’s Specialist Accreditation (Criminal Law) Committee. She was named in the 2018 Doyle's Guide to Leading Lawyers.

Early in her career, Julia held management and accounting roles in global banking and finance companies in Australia and the United Kingdom. Her commercial experience, together with more than a decade spent as specialist criminal defence advocate, means a lawyer with a skill set that is hard to beat.

Julia’s highly sought after forensic skills led her to hold senior positions in criminal confiscations for Western Australian and Queensland authorities. She then worked as a Senior Associate for one of Queensland’s most respected criminal defence firms. In 2014, she combined her criminal and corporate expertise to establish and manage the criminal law division of a boutique Brisbane-based firm.

Julia’s unrivaled and specialist experience means that she is frequently asked to act in proceeds of crime matters, as well as white collar crime, fraud, official corruption, regulatory prosecutions and workplace investigations. Her unique skill set and familiarity with criminal legislation also enables her to consult with businesses on issues such as risk management, investigations and legislative compliance.

Notwithstanding her love of numbers and commercial confidence, Julia’s passion is criminal defence.

I enjoy working with my clients to achieve the best possible outcome. I give value to my clients by combining my legal knowledge with compassionate and determined advocacy.

Julia has extensive experience in all areas of criminal law, including traffic violations and work licence applications, drugs offences, violent offences and taxation, Centrelink and Medicare investigations and charges. She appears in all courts throughout Queensland and is available 24/7 to assist her clients.

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